Behavioral Targeting made easy using

Behavioral Targeting is tough. It's a dark art that only big boys know about. It's tough because it requires website content that changes according to visitor behavior in such a way that maximizes conversions and revenues. Content/offers tailored for specific visitors. That's the Holy Grail promised by behavioral targeting.

Why is Behavioral Targeting tough?

Such dynamically changing content requires a dedicated commitment from IT team while developing the website. If you are like most companies, your IT team is already too stressed to undertake such a huge project (of changing your static website into a dynamically changing one).

So, is behavior targeting impossible on your website?

Don't despair. We're developing a radically simple way to integrate behavior targeting on your website. This behavioral targeting tool, which we call as, will allow you, the marketer, to start using targeting specific content to specific kinds of visitors without involving the IT department. Unlike most other custom solutions, you can use this behavior targeting software out-of-the-box. Simply copy-paste a small snippet of code on your website and start targeting.

What kind of behavioral targeting can I do with VisualTargeter?

Our platform is the easiest way to get started with behavior targeting. We track multitude of visitor attributes: recency of visit, frequency of visit, revenue generated, referral URLs, campaigns, system attributes (OS, browser, mobile, etc.), geographical location (country, city, etc.), language and any other custom variable you pass (gender, products purchased, etc.) Combinations of these variables allow you to do very specific kind of targeting. Simply describe a visitor segment, design content/offer in a WYSIWYG editor, specify the URL(s) where you want to show the content and you are done! From now on, all the visitors that qualify the segment will be shown the content/offer you specifically designed for them.

This is exciting. How do I get started with your behavior targeting platform?

We'd love to need your specific needs. Please get in touch using the form below: